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Defence and Security Technology

High-quality standard products, and customer-specific systems

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Product, Technology & Services

Model-Driven Capability Architecture & Development

Sapura provides mission planning, monitoring and control in defence, public safety, enforcement and commercial domains

We specialize in management consulting, research & development, system engineering, and technology applications

The company leverages on deep domain knowledge and leading technologies to solve problems of critical importance to the nation and the world

Defence and Security

Core Businesses


end-users nationwide



staff in the workforce,



of whom are Engineers
& Technicians

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A total of

4 facilities

for simulation training located in Malaysia

IT Solutions


Sapura, as a company, has over a decade of experience in the IT industry helping customers achieve their goals

We have collective knowledge in National Defence & Security, Property Valuation, Business Intelligence & Reporting as well as Portfolio Management. With what we have accumulated and seeing the industry transform, twist and turn; we are very well-equipped to help our customers face whatever challenges today, tomorrow and years to come

We partner with industry leaders to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and competitive solutions

We serve the private sector, from small to mid-size business, and the public sector including local, state, and the government. Our solutions specializes in project management, enterprise system and solution implementation, support and maintenance as well as change management 

Project Management
Performance Management System
Mobile Applications
Video & IP Phone Comms Systems
Business Intelligence Visualisation & Reporting Systems
Event & Incident Management System
Radar Simulation System
Flight Simulator System
GIS & Mapping Systems
Fleet Tracking System
Battle Tank Simulator System

Critical Communications


end-users nationwide

Sapura recognizes the need and importance of connectivity and communication

We further multiply the utility value of the network by achieving substantial cost optimisation and enhancing multi-agency collaboration

We provide reliable secured satellite and ground communications solutions

We push for breakthroughs in connectivity and their impact on people worldwide especially to ensure the defence and security of the nation is not compromised. We provide a unified network with Virtual Private Network (VPN) that ensures :

  • Agencies enjoy autonomy in managing its own user groups and security

  • The network can be easily configured for inter-agency communications

  • All agencies enjoy the same nationwide coverage

  • Cost duplication is avoided

Agency Autonomy
In-country support
Inter-agency Collaboration
Integration with Legacy System
Integrated Voice & Data
Real Time Database Access
High Security
Nationwide Coverage
Guaranteed Network Availability
Rich Voice/Data Features

Tactical Systems




staff in the workforce,



of whom are Engineers
& Technicians

Sapura provides impressive extended-range of transmit and mobile, handheld and central receive systems

To guarantee the success of law enforcements’ mission success

We supply tactical radios, integrated mission systems (future soldier), military products and solutions

Our facility is designed based on model-driven capability and architecture. It houses comprehensive engineering development capability, environment and module test chambers as well as world-class manufacturing cell

Squad/Section Radio
Enhanced Communication Technology
Tactical Networking Solutions
Voice & Data Communication
Future Generation Technology

Command and Control


Started in


Entrusted by Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) to develop & deliver high technology and secured force multipliers

Users able to communicate, collaborate and share information anytime and anywhere via the unified command and control capabilities

Sapura has developed an integrated database which is shared throughout the network centric operations infrastructure

The network centric operations infrastructure is built based on our capabilities to build seamless system-of-systems integration framework for our customers

It is capable of integrating different applications and provide total data analysis for seamless communications network system

Command Operating System
Resource Management System
Mission Management System
Decision Support System
Intelligent Management System
Unified Communication System

Simulation Systems


A total of

4 facilities

for simulation training located in Malaysia

Sapura has pioneered in synthetic environment training for more than 20 years in simulation development and maintenance

Provide high fidelity development and maintenance for the military platform training system in the most cost-effective manner

We provide end-to-end solution from system development right up to provide full turnkey maintenance and technical support for military platform training system

The simulation systems are equipped with theories of warfare to be tested and refined by the military personnel as a preparation of actual mission without the need for actual hostilities

Land Forces Training System
Air Traffic Control Training System
Fighter Aircraft Training System
Military Transport Training System

Border Surveillance


Sapura’s border monitoring and surveillance system are able to provide persistent situational awareness of weaknesses or threats to the border

They are developed at places where security personnel may not be present for the purpose of video screening and obtaining images

Enhancing remote border surveillance capabilities with Hi-Res IP based CCTV solutions

  • CCTV system upgrade to increase border surveillance availability

  • Extension of border surveillance with high quality live video feed, high network availability and nationwide coverage

  • System availability assurance through mission critical support structure